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Washington eLawyer
1100 Dexter Avenue North, Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98109


Washington eLawyer is Washington State's first 100% online Washington State family law firm.  Sharon J. Blackford, the sole owner of Washington eLawyer, has 20 years of experience practicing law in Washington State. You can learn more about Sharon on the ATTORNEY PROFILE tab.  Sharon personally handles all the legal work involved in your case.

Washington eLawyer can help you with your entire family law case, or just the steps that you feel you need help with. This is called unbundled legal services, or limited scope representation. It keeps your costs low, and allows you to keep control of your case. You can learn more about unbundled legal services from the Washington State Bar Association by clicking here.

Sharon keeps Washington eLawyer's fees low by focusing on online practice. This means that rather than personally appearing in court for you, or negotiating with the other side in your case,  Sharon advises you on the best way for you to do these things yourself. Sharon writes briefs and motions for you, explains the meaning of legal documents that you have received, strategizes how to get the outcome you want, explains the law to you, and answers your questions. You are always responsible for copying, delivering, serving and filing your documents.  Additionally, you are responsible for keeping track of and meeting your own court deadlines.  This is part of how Washington eLawyer saves you money; you are only paying Washington eLawyer to give you legal advice, not to do clerical work or appear in court.

Washington eLawyer’s Washington State business license number is 602794449 .  Washington eLawyer carries standard Washington State malpractice insurance.  Sharon’s good standing as a member of the Washington State Bar Association can be verified here: WSBA LISTING - Sharon Blackford.