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Your Finances After Divorce: How You Can Fix Them

It's a new year - you've survived divorcing during the holidays and now you need to figure out how to pay the bills. Financial problems can add an extra layer of pain when you're dealing with a divorce. Developing a financial game plan will help you move on with your life, secure your assets and ensure your credit risk remains as low as possible.

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4 WAYS To Survive Thanksgiving During Divorce

4 Ways to keep your sanity when you're divorcing during Thanksgiving

Stress Turkey

The 12 WORST DIVORCE MISTAKES and how to avoid them by Sharon Blackford

Create a smooth divorce by avoiding the 12 worst divorce mistakes.

Online Divorce: 5 Ways To Set The Stage For An Uncontested Divorce by Sharon Blackford

Divorce Attorney Sharon Blackford shares 5 ways to get your spouse to agree to an uncontested divorce.

ONLINE DIVORCE: Is Your Divorce Really Uncontested? Top 5 Warning Signs by Sharon Blackford

Online Divorce attorney Sharon Blackford shows you the Top 5 Warnings Signs to watch for in your uncontested divorce.

Online Divorce: Top 5 Divorce-by-mail Traps by Sharon Blackford

Online Divorce lawyer Sharon Blackford describes the Top 5 Divorce-By-Mail traps.

Online Divorce Sites: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Part Two - Why Bother With A Lawyer? by Sharon Blackford

In Part One, we looked at how you can tell whether an online divorce site is selling the services of a lawyer or a non-lawyer. In this post, I'll talk about why having a lawyer matters more than ever in the context of online divorce. 

Online Divorce Sites: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Part One - Is it a Lawyer Or Not? by Sharon Blackford

When you go online to look for legal help with a family law matter, you quickly find yourself in a virtual version of the Wild Wild West. There are so many sites, showing photos of unidentified professional looking people who presumably will have something to do with your case, and logos saying reassuring-sounding things like “Guaranteed” and “Court Approval.” But how can a nonlawyer know what any of this really means?


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