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There may be other ways to protect your safety on the  Internet. Learn more at American Bar Association Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence. If you are considering asking the court for Domestic Violence (DV) protection, you should contact groups who assist with safety planning and general DV information. You can also call the Washington State Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-562-6025.

Resources for Safety Planning and Domestic Violence Information

Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Resource Guide for Washington State

Washington State Courts Forms: Domestic Violence


Some county prosecutor's offices have DV Advocate programs that assist people with paperwork and safety issues. Find your county prosecutor's office here: Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys

Washington State Court Overview Links

Washington State Divorce Lien Forms

Real Estate and Lien forms in Word and PDF formats

Washington State Mandatory Forms

Washington Courts - Forms

Washington State Court Directories

Recorder's Office Forms and Standards

King County Recorder's Office

Information and Statistics about Pro Se Representation

The Pro Se Project’s 2010 Report

According to Washington Supreme Court Justice Barbara Madsen, civil litigation in our state has become unaffordable for both low and moderate-income people. Click here to see the report.

Divorce and Finance

Community Debt and Bankruptcy Issues in Divorce - A general overview of community debt and bankruptcy issues related to dissolution (divorce).

Divorce and Future Retirement Benefits - Explains the importance of including retirement benefits when dividing up property in your divorce.

Enforcing Your Divorce Decree: Financial and Property Issues - Brief description of your legal options for collecting unpaid child support, maintenance, money judgments, and property.

LGBT Family Law Issues

Q&A: Marriage for Same-Sex Couples in Washington 

Parenting Issues for Same-Sex Couples

Marriage and Transgender People - Provides basic information on the legal issues married couples may encounter when one or both are transgender.

Information for Unmarried Parents and/or Domestic Partners

Options for Unmarried Parents - Memo for parents who have never been married and who want to get court-ordered child support, custody, or visitation.

Q&A: Washington's Domestic Partnership Law

Legal Rights of Registered Domestic Partners in Washington State - Brochure providing general information on the rights and responsibilities of registered domestic partners.

Living Together Contracts - Things to Consider for Couples Who Cannot or Choose Not to Marry

Divorce During Pregnancy

Dissolution (Divorce) When the Wife is Pregnant - Describes the law and procedures in a dissolution (divorce) when the wife is pregnant.

Privacy and Your Family Court Documents

Family Law Court Records and Your Privacy - Explains statewide court rules that protect personal information in court files and includes forms that you can use in your family law case.

Incarcerated Famiy Law Litigants

Responding to Family Law Actions While Incarcerated - Helps you learn what to do if you are served with family law court papers while you are in jail or prison.

Non Parental Caregivers ("Third Party Custody") 

Options for Grandparents and Other Nonparental Caregivers (2004) Order Copy Here - This is a handbook for those who are longterm caregivers for a child and who want to establish a legal relationship with the child.

Single Parents Planning For Care of Children After Death

Placement of Minor Children in Case of Death - Explains legal options for a single parent who is concerned about who will take care of her/his children if s/he dies unexpectedly.

Child Protective Services (CPS) and Dependency Actions

CPS and Dependency Actions - Provides information about parents’ rights when they are being investigated by CPS or when the state is considering removing children from their home.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

List of companies that do drug and alcohol testing