You decide how much help you need.

Get help on just one step of your case, or get help with your entire case. Either way, you'll pay only a low flat fee.

For one flat fee you receive access to an array of legal services. Sharon Blackford  will consult with you and gather all the information necessary to help you complete your goal. Sharon will strategize with you to create the approach that will work best for your situation. She will work with you to assure that all of the documents and forms needed to complete the step you have paid for are filled out correctly and completely. While you and Sharon are working together, Sharon will be available via email, phone, or video chat to answer any questions regarding your case, the forms and the filing procedures.

The prices listed are general estimates based on simple, clear, agreed cases with no conflict. Your fee may be higher depending on your circumstances, such as whether you have children, whether you need to split up property and the amount of property, the level of any conflict or disagreement, and any other relevant factors. Appeal cases are estimated individually based on the complexity of the case and the issues you want to appeal.


                Filing for divorce or separation - $350 and up

                Filing for modification of parenting plan or child support - $750 and up

                Filing a petition for residential schedule/parenting plan and child support - $500 and up

                Negotiating an issue (parenting plan, child support, property division) - $750 and up

                Property Settlement Agreement - $600 and up

                Finalizing your divorce, separation, modification -$500 and up

                Real Estate Excise Tax and Quitclaim - $100


                Divorce without children - $850 and up

                Divorce with children - $1,500 and up

                Getting a residential schedule/parenting plan and child support entered - $1,250 and up


Sharon Blackford has argued over 200 cases before the  Washington Court of Appeals as well as the Washington State Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. If you are considering filing an appeal of a Superior Court ruling in your  family law case, schedule a free consultation with Sharon Blackford to find out how she can help you go forward. You will receive a personalized fee quote based on the issues and circumstances in your case.

Sharon can help you with individual steps of your appeal, such as researching issues, writing your briefs, editing what you have written, filing procedures, and advising on deadlines. She can also help with your entire appeal.

                Individual appeal steps - Schedule a free consultation to receive a fee quote.

                Help with entire appeal  - $7,500 - $20,000 


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