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Sharon J. Blackford, Attorney at Law

Sharon J. Blackford, Attorney at Law

My name is Sharon Blackford and I own Washington eLawyer. I went to college at the University of Washington and law school at Seattle University, graduating in 1995 with honors. I’ve been practicing law full time in Washington State since then; and I’ve always focused on helping people with their problems. I started out as a public defender, helping people who had little or no money and were faced with jail time or losing their children to State custody. From there I moved into family law full time, where I could help people directly with their most pressing problems. During these years, I have seen how bewildering the legal system is for people who have no attorney.

I also know what it's like to try to navigate the family law system without an attorney. Before I was an attorney, I needed a divorce and couldn't afford legal representation because I was living on student loans in law school. Even though I was an honors law student, the divorce forms I had to fill out didn't really make sense to me, and the forms I received back from the court were even less understandable. I spent many hours in my law school library reading divorce handbooks and legal guides in an effort to educate myself. I did my best, and when I stood in front of the judge waiting while he reviewed all my documents, I still wasn't sure what was going to happen. It was stressful. Fortunately, my divorce was simple and amicable and there were no complications.

Now I'm bringing my experience online to help other people who are facing divorce or other family law issues. I've never forgotten what it was like to be a layperson trying to understand the family court system. In my years as a divorce/family law attorney, I've helped people with complex custody issues, child support issues, pension and retirement fund issues, domestic violence, people with physical and mental health issues in their divorce, people from different cultures trying to cope with our system, polyamorous people, and people who just don't want to be married any more. I’m delighted to be the first family law attorney in our state to go 100% online, and I’m committed to bringing high quality legal representation to my clients for a fraction of my previous fees.

When I’m not helping clients, I enjoy science fiction and fantasy novels and movies, strategy board games, singing, travel, and languages. I also teach English as a Second Language in whatever spare time my cats allow me.

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